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Welcome to the News section where you can read the latest publicity surrounding Avenel as well as our award winning architect, Hugh Petter.

2012 News

The Scottish Home Awards

Plot 2 wins Luxury House of the Year against stiff competition at the Scottish Home Awards 2012.

Scottish Home Awards 2012 Winner


Herald Property Awards 2012

Plot 2 is selected as a finalist in the Herald Property Awards 2012.

Herald Property Awards 2012 Finalist


Homes Interior Scotland

An article featuring the owner of Plot 3 at Avenel

2011 News


The Herald Property Awards 2011

Scottish Home Awards 2011 Finalist
2010 News

Country Life (online)

Online link to article.


Article on the Construction and Housing Market.


Scotlands Homes, The Herald P3.

Daily Express

Daily Express property section P65.

Daily Mail

Property Mail section P88.


Scotlands Homes, The Herald P3.


New Homes, property development section P2.

Telegraph Article

Telegraph property property of the week.

Times Article

Scottish property, Sunday Times, P9.

Your Home

Your Home P11.

Country Life (online)

Online link to article.

2009 News

Architecture Scotland (online)

Online link to article.

Daily Telegraph Article on Modern Housing

An article about modern building with praise for the architect that designed the Avenel estate.

Home & Garden Article about Avenel's Architect

Article about modern architecture in Britain.

House & Home Article about Hugh Petter

Hugh Petter is Avenel's award winning architect, this article relates to some of his other buildings.

Hugh Petter's Biography

Read about Hugh Petter's journey and read his thought on creating outstanding buildings.

Sunday Times Article

Sunday Times article about Hugh Petter's work on similar projects around the country.